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Welcome to Paloma Creek Districts

Welcome to Paloma Creek Districts

Welcome to the Paloma Creek Districts website. We intend the site to be a trusted source for information regarding each District, their operations and activities. We invite you to visit our site regularly to learn more about the Paloma Creek Districts.

Our website contains an abundance of information regarding the Districts, their Boards of Directors, amenities, public information and much more. In addition, residents can use this site to pay their water/sewer bills online and reach out to the Districts with any questions or concerns.

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Paloma Creek is made up of five independent Fresh Water Supply Districts that work together to provide services to the residents of Paloma Creek: Denton County Fresh Water Supply Districts, and Each District has a board of five Directors, who are elected by the registered voters within the boundaries of that District. The Directors engage consultants to advise and conduct the Districts' business. The Districts provide for the development and maintenance of public water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and paving infrastructure, as well as emergency services, trash and recycling, and some recreational amenities. Each District has the authority to levy an ad valorem tax (property tax) on its residents to fund the costs of those facilities and services.