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UTRWD Reports Extremely High Water Usage!

The Upper Trinity Regional Water District region has been under Stage 1 Water Restrictions since last spring. This limits outdoor irrigation to two days per week, between 6 PM and 10 AM only. The system had been keeping pace, but today usage has increased to extremely high levels. All residents are urged to REDUCE OUTDOOR WATER USAGE to avoid a water emergency. If no significant reduction occurs, UTRWD may be forced to enact Stage 2 Water Restrictions. Please do you part.

Water Conservation Tips:

  • Have a certified irrigation professional perform an irrigation system check-up to ensure it is watering efficiently.

  • Follow weekly outdoor watering recommendations provided by Texas A&M AgriLife at

  • Watering foundations only by means of drip lines or soaker hoses.

  • Avoiding draining and refilling of swimming pools - - only top off as needed.

  • Creating a water-wise landscape by using plants that are native and adapted to the North Texas area.

  • Checking for and repairing toilet leaks and dripping faucets.

  • Installing water saving shower heads and taking shorter showers.

  • Washing only full loads of dishes and laundry.

  • Washing cars with a shut-off nozzle or at a car wash.

For additional water conservation resources, please visit Upper Trinity's website.

Read UTRWD's press release below.

23_0818_Upper Trinity Urges Everyone to Reduce Outdoor Watering
Download PDF • 134KB

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